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Cinder - Marissa Meyer I actually enjoyed this one more than I expected to. I thought it would be a total novelty act like [b:Pride and Prejudice and Zombies|5899779|Pride and Prejudice and Zombies The Classic Regency Romance--Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem|Jane Austen|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320449653s/5899779.jpg|6072122] and others of that ilk (none of which I've read or have any desire to), but it's actually pretty clever. It's definitely its own story that borrows from the original Cinderella tale at times but completely differs in other parts.

It's certainly entertaining, but far from perfect. For one, Meyer's foreshadowing is extremely heavy handed so every turn of the plot was totally predictable. (Come on, who didn't call Cinder actually being Princess Selene from about the very first time she's mentioned?) Weak character development in some cases, including a total cardboard-cutout villainess. The world building could also use a stronger foundation -- I had quite a few plot hole-y WTF questions. Like If the Lunars are all so afraid of mirrors, why do they apparently have them? Just to conveniently place on dinner plates and have immediately identifiable by special runes so the royals know they're being tested? That seems like a stretch.... Also, the ending was completely unsatisfying. It wasn't quite a cliffhanger, but I would really appreciate a little more conclusion to the story than that whether or not there are more books in the series.

I will most likely read the next one, though. If nothing else, it was a nice bit of fluff.