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Ghosts - Paul Auster Part 2!

This is a completely different novel than [b:City of Glass|432|City of Glass (The New York Trilogy, #1)|Paul Auster|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1309986722s/432.jpg|2434710], but it follows similar themes. Once again, this is at its heart a detective story with a postmodern twist. However, unlike the first book in the New York Trilogy--where the surreal and uneasy feeling grows gradually--in this installment, it's immediate from the first page that this is going to be a playful, unique novel when we're introduced to the characters who all have color names. (I briefly wondered if this might be an inspiration for the film Reservoir Dogs, but that's really the only thing the two have in common.)

There's also an emphasis on writers, here, and writing itself as an art is a big theme throughout the narrative. I feel like the themes here aren't as obvious as in the first story, though, and the story is more vague and open to interpretation. I may not have gotten it all, but I definitely enjoyed the reading experience.