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I Am Not Myself These Days: A Memoir - Josh Kilmer-Purcell
"I don't care what Butterball.com says, the hardest part about cooking the perfect Thanksgiving dinner is avoiding the splinters of broken crack pipes that collect in the crevices of the kitchen floor. ... In our newfound resolve to be a normal couple, Jack and I had invited twenty-nine assorted hookers, drag queens, club promoters, drug dealers, and Mr. Beefeater to our Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Family Dinner."

Another from one of my favorite nonfiction genres: the zany, fucked-up, and probably highly embellished memoir. The person who inspired me to push this one up my TBR mountain was actually part of the 90's New York drag scene and totally remembers Aqua and her trademark clear plastic boobs with live goldfish swimming around in them. But as fun as the drunken club stories are, the real meat of this memoir is what goes on behind the scenes in Josh's personal life over the course of his first year in the city and his turbulent relationship with his boyfriend Jack, who just so happens to be a crack-addicted sadomasochistic escort.

There are hilarious parts (like the aforementioned Thanksgiving dinner) and heartbreaking parts (like the time Aqua gets rolled by a pair of brothers she tried to hook up with and ends up cutting her face more so she can tell people at work she was mugged). Definitely one of the best out of similar-themed memoirs I've read.