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Murder Must Advertise (Lord Peter Wimsey, #10) - Dorothy L. Sayers This was my first Lord Peter Wimsey story--I've been meaning to read more classic mysteries--and though maybe I should have started at the beginning of the series with Whose Body?, I still enjoyed this one. I completely understand why Sayers has so many fans: the plot was clever, with witty little asides, and it's just so very British. Like many literary detectives, Lord Peter is a bit eccentric and maybe things come to him a little too easily at times, but he's a fun character.

This particular mystery takes place at an advertising firm, which gives Sayers tons of opportunities for wry social commentary in the form of marketing quips. It's a little like what I imagine Mad Men to be, though I only saw the first episode, and of course it's set in a different time period.

I definitely plan on picking up some more in this series.