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John Dies at the End  - David Wong Yeah, so this is a bit of a weird one. But that's totally a good thing. It's not really horror, not really science fiction... but it has definite elements of those genres, among others. The plot is twisty and turny and doesn't really make sense because hey, everyone is on drugs!

David Wong (another to add to my author-as-character shelf) is one of the most creative unreliable narrators I've read--and I have quite a fondness for them. He goes so far as to invent plot holes and inconsistencies, then go back later and point them out, showing how the nature of reality is constantly shifting in his world. It's a warning not to trust any of your senses, not to believe his story actually happened the way he says it did while recounting the whole tale to a skeptical yet intrigued journalist in a strip-mall Chinese joint in Undisclosed Midwestern America. And yes, there is an actual story here, despite originally being published as a series of random online posts. It's a meandering, absurd, over-the-top plot, but a plot nonetheless. John Dies reminds me a little of The Illuminatus! Trilogy and Crooked Little Vein in ways, with a similar creepiness factor to something like House of Leaves. The tone is loud and brash and unapologetic, and yes, the humor is extremely juvenile. But come on, who doesn't think poop and dick jokes are funny?

I have to say, though, I was a little disappointed that John in fact doesn't die at the end. Misdirect! I guess that leaves room for the sequel that is apparently coming.

In any case, they're releasing a movie based on it this year, and the trailer has me pretty damn excited. Check it.