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Idoru - William Gibson I enjoyed this one much more than Virtual Light. The adorably naive and unfortunately named Chia Pet McKenzie is sent to Tokyo by the Seattle chapter of the Lo/Rez fan club to find out if singer Rez is really going to marry an idoru, or idol singer, a form of AI. Due to the crapshoot seating arrangements on most international flights, she is unwittingly used as a smuggler and ends up on the wrong side of the Yakuza. Oops. Meanwhile, Colin Laney has just betrayed his employers in a world where your corporation is your life, and gets a mysterious job offer in Tokyo that has something to do with the band Lo/Rez. Hmmm. Something is afoot.

This one has all the hallmarks of Gibson's work: gritty Tokyo underworld, cool technology, beautiful writing, antiheroes, badass female characters. Really enjoyable.