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Stitch 'n Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook - Debbie Stoller I've recently taken up knitting again, so I checked this book out of the library, having heard great things about it over the years. It's super informative, with neat drawings, photos, and diagrams as well as very clear text that explains all steps in detail. There are lots of useful tips and it's all presented in a cute, witty way. Apparently I knit wrong, though, so I may need to unlearn and relearn some things. I'm not very advanced at all so that shouldn't be a problem.

Almost all of the projects are super cute, unlike a lot of knitting books with stuffy old sweaters an out-of-touch grandma would make. I've been eyeing the Alien Illusion Scarf and Skully sweater especially. What I really like about the patterns is that in addition to listing the materials you'll need, they also list all the techniques used in a particular project, which makes it perfect for beginners like me. That way even if you only have a couple tricks in your bag, you'll know at a glance whether the project is suited for your skill level or not.

I'm probably going to be keeping this one for a while, so I'll have to update if I make anything!