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Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood Goddamnit is this book depressing. Maybe even moreso than The Handmaid's Tale. Lucky for me, I like depressing.

Oryx and Crake follows Snowman, formerly known as Jimmy, in the aftermath of a mysterious apocalyptic pandemic. He appears to be the only human left on earth, grudgingly watching over the naive and simpleminded Children of Crake. Through a series of flashbacks, Atwood explains, just a bite at a time, how Crake went from being Jimmy's best friend to the world's biggest asshole, how the two came to love a mysterious and irreparably damaged girl called Oryx, and what happened to destroy this near-future dystopia.

So, so good. There is no other writer like Margaret Atwood. I have no idea how she keeps coming up with new, more horrible ways to terrify her readers while writing so beautifully. Her characters are real and flawed, and while the story does require a certain suspension of disbelief (like most post-apocalyptic or dystopian novels), it contains enough truth and similarities to our world to be absolutely haunting.

I'm definitely looking forward to picking up The Year of the Flood to continue the saga. Anyone know when the third in the trilogy is supposed to be out?