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City of Glass - Paul Auster This was my first Paul Auster novel, and I went into it not knowing quite what to expect. That was probably a good thing, since this first installment of [b:The New York Trilogy|431|The New York Trilogy|Paul Auster|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1309199412s/431.jpg|2343071] mostly defies categorization. It's part classic detective noir, part postmodern metafiction, with lots of surreal bits all around. I found something about this story very compelling while reading it, though it's nowhere near as suspenseful as most thrillers or hard boiled mysteries. While there were lots of good parts, both witty little moments and beautifully written, emotive sections, the experience of reading this was like a slow burn, rather than being one of those novels that's super engaging and makes a big impact when you're done. I also found the ending a bit predictable. Still, I'm curious to see where the other books in the trilogy will take me.