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A Brief Guide to the Modern Library - Colm Toibin,  Carmen Callil Meh. I grabbed this one from the library on a whim, and have been perusing it for the past month or so.

I have a serious love-hate relationship with guides like this. They can be fun to browse if your to-read list is in need of some additions (believe me, mine is not), but obviously any list of "must reads" or "most important/influential books" is biased and everyone's going to have a different opinion on what should or shouldn't be included. The authors at least acknowledge this in the introduction, as well as explaining a little about how they chose the books to include. Whatever. Despite having some worthy inclusions I agreed with, a good portion of these I hadn't even heard of, and the authors generally did a lousy job of convincing me to pick them up. Their summaries/reviews are totally inconsistent, tending towards uninteresting, and some of them include major spoilers -- unforgivable for a guide of this type, in my opinion. Believe me, you will find much better reviews here on GoodReads from random internet people.